ABIF mission is to provide a legitimate ladder in the form of educational workshops, personal & professional development, resources, and tools, that will allow underserved families the chance to climb out of poverty and live healthier lives.


Healthy In The Hood Initiative

It is difficult to grow anything or anyone in a toxic environment. We are concentrating our efforts on eliminating the pollutants within our communities, so families can live healthier lives.

We believe through intentional mentorship, professional and personal development, we can have wholesome neighborhoods.


C.O.R.E. values

Creativity - We are committed to bringing innovative ideas of learning to stimulate and maintain the interest of the people we serve. We realize there are different learning styles and thus, we want to venture outside the box to ensure we present people with the best opportunity for growth.

Opportunity - We understand the importance of having a platform to showcase one’s ability to perform is half the battle. We will help people gain access to or help create professional and personal development programs that will best prepare them for the next level.

Respect - We will always treat all people with respect.

Excellence - We will serve our community with pride in every aspect, always putting our best foot forward by establishing habits of excellence throughout our organizational culture.


The Board

We have assembled a core of passionate and purpose filled people who have answered the call to come back home to inspire, encourage and empower.


The weight of uplifting our communities is way too heavy for us to bear alone. We need your time, talent, influence and investment.


1 Million Strong

We need you! We are compiling an active list of 1 million volunteers  and donors who are willing to use their time, talent and influence to help make others better. Join Us!



Mission work that is extensive is expensive. You’re support means everything. Thank you!