ALL BLACK’s mission is to strengthen the infrastructure of disenfranchised communities by partnering with corporations and notable figures who want to create sustainable opportunities and impactful change through their influence.


WE BELIEVE that Black America has its own unique history and a unique set of challenges.

WE BELIEVE under-served populations are not properly prepared to take advantage of equitable business, banking, and educational opportunities.

  WE BELIEVE that now more than ever, brands have opportunity to share their true voice and perspective around social issues that matter most.

WE BELIEVE that the time is now for real change, deeper than we could ever imagine.


WE WANT to change the negative narrative of Black America.

WE WANT to foster  meaningful relationships that inspire individual accountability.

 WE WANT to encourage strong family values and healthier lifestyles within our Black neighborhoods.

WE WANT to empower people to pull themselves up by the bootstraps that were given to us by our ancestors. 

 WE WANT to remind people that the strength of their voice is not based on their net worth.

Leave The Boots On The Ground Work To Us!

Boots On The Ground is based on the idea that individuals and corporations share in the responsibility of connecting their skills, resources, and influence to positively impact under-served communities.

Driven by both results and relationships,

our goal is to move our marginalized

communities forward by partnering with

corporations and influencers to expand 

resources that improve the overall health

and wellness of our neighborhoods.