We are an extension of our clients brand within the community in using the power of their platform to transform under-served populations by providing sustainable services or programs that empower people to live healthier lives.

Our team works along side our clients to develop a phased approach with concrete vision, executable strategic road maps and we manage the operations to bring about positive change.   

Our 4 Phase Process:

Phase I: Relationship

ALL BLACK Creatives will spend time with clients to gain their perspective, insight and specific area of focus in where they would like to make the most impact.

Phase II: Research and Discover

ALL BLACK Creatives will put boots on the ground to execute extensive research and discovery within the topics, focus areas, and local communities desired.

Phase III: Plan of Action

ALL BLACK Creatives will head to the boardroom and create a strategic plan of action to tackle head on the need(s) of the community.

Phase IV: Implementation

ALL BLACK Creatives will shape policies, practices, and a best-fit process to implement the plan of action. We handle all logistics of the project/operation from start to finish and provide you with post-campaign measurable results     

Other Services:
- Professional Development
- Personal Development
- Business Consulting
- Community Unity
- Professional Mentorship
- Events
- Workshops
- Collaborations
- Customized Assistance